Customer Relationship Management

We believe in CRM as a technology-enabled marketing concept first and foremost rather than simply a business system. We offer both consultancy and agency services in this area.

Our CRM Services

CRM Audit

We will take a look throughout your organisation – looking at systems, people, process and data. We will report back to you on the health of CRM within your organisation vis-à-vis your objectives.


If you need help implementing your project once you have selected your system, we can provide a project manager / consultant to ensure your system is aligned to your people, your data and most importantly your business processes.

System Selection

We can lead a system selection project for you, helping you to gather and organise your requirements, conduct workshops, analyse proposals and so on.

Hosted CRM platforms

To get you started on your CRM journey – keeping all your contacts in one central location, managing your communication and sales activity and having a single customer view. We provide monthly support so that you can have ongoing support in areas such as best practice data and sales pipeline management and marketing automation.

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