Data Services

Most companies could benefit from effective data management. If you store your information inefficiently you won’t get the most out of it. Everyone from a one person small business to a major corporation could enhance their performance with proper streamlining, wastage reduction and cost savings.

We offer the following data services

Cleansing: we offer both B2B and B2C data cleansing and enhancing services – typically this will involve standard services such as de-duplication, normalisation, PAF (Postal Address File) validation as well as forwarding addresses, suppression and demographic profiling.
Supply: we can supply data (both B2B and B2C) depending on your company’s specific marketing needs.
Mailbox crawling: whether IMAP or Exchange, we can help you create a mailing list from your inbox. We’ll crawl through your inbox and sent items, pulling out email addresses and de-duplicating. We will clean and format the list and upload to your CRM or our email marketing platform.
Enhancing: we can append lifestyle and wealth indicators to your data including council tax band, lifesketch, MOSAIC and ACORN.
Secure Erasure: we are incredibly proud of our adherence to DPA and DMA guidelines – if you are concerned about your own data storage and disposal, ask about our secure erasure service.
Email deduction: for B2B customers who have mulitple, incomplete datasets where they may be several contacts at the same company. We will not only create a single, consolidated and deduplicated list, but also append our best guess for missing email addresses. We do this by reverse-engineering the email address format for that company and applying that to appropriate records.

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